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Following are the Four messages given by Satguru Saibaba during the weekly gathering of the families on Thursdays to be read and shared with the group.
  1. Krishna
    1. Sai demands dakshina from his devotees only to teach them that riches are short lived. Keep away from money that is temporary. Remember God , the Truth, the Infinite. Deliverance can be attained. What is more valuable in life than peace? The Scriptures chantings worships cannot overcome the screen of “Maya”. Only Satguru can do it. As soon as we get the real darshan of Sai we listen our bodies should have a “mild jerk of joy, eyes should be filled with tears the spirit of life-restored then you can take the grace of the Satguru for granted.” We feel elated that happiness is bestowed upon us by our luck. Just by facing a few setbacks we blame god that he is against us. But the fact is different. “Enter into true devotion of God. There will be no worries, no frustrations” All peace!!! “GOD’S GRACE takes us to a state beyond everything.” All that you face now is the result of your previous ‘Karma’. Forget the grief arising out of ‘Karmas’. It is not the philosophy of Sai to punish to torment. Sai is among you to decide which fruit is ripe and which is yet to be on the tree. He kept many things before you to choose. He too is before you. Be wise in the selection rein your life worry-free.
  2. Shashidhar
    1. Be a good student before you learn anything. It is no use learning my teachings by rote I don’t want you to be Surprised by my ‘Leelas’ ; But following them in Real spirit is my intention. So be a good student all the way Grasp the good and the truth. If you pace two feet towards me I will pace thousand feet towards you and lead you. Love gives two things In one you give love And get love In the other you keep on giving love. Thy love is infinite It is divine I am the infinite divine love, so love to give love. Finally get me Let us use the energy given by God to learn to work with Zeal. Let us be sincere in worship of God. Mere Mechanical ritual is of no use. Zeal leads us to the heights of spirituality in worldly things As well as in spiritual things. The work done with zeal provides us peace and power. Be satisfied with my services for the time being. Your food-vessels will always be full. They will never be running short. Divert your entire vision towards me. Let not the atheists and the wicked be your friends. Be obedient and submissive to all. Worship me whole heartedly. When you can do this You will attain bliss!
  3. Vijay
    1. “Find not faults with others. Find them in yourself. Observe what drives you to those blame. Identify your flaws on the same lines. Try to correct yourself then your heart is cleansed. Then only I will dwell in it” “Give me place in your love filled heart. I never need the rituals of worship Keep me in your memory for ever. I reign in your heart always. Recite the name of ‘Sai’ day and night mental imbalance and impurity Disappear at once.” “Consider this birth valuable. Consider this life precious. Recognize the value of God within. Realize Death can do nothing to soul. This traverses from one birth to another. Soul is the dynamism of life the ultimate god. Let Him fill it in you Fill yourself in him.” “I observe your every movement. Sometimes I am proud of them. Sometimes I am worried about them. Sometimes they confuse me. Then I think whether I should be with you or leave you. Still I don’t leave you, because you are my child. Don’t lose your courage under any Circumstances. Try to be the same man throughout”
  4. Venki
    1. “Self realisation is minute. None can attain it themselves. So the assistance of the guru, who attained it, is a must. We can get it easily from him, whereas others cannot give it, despite their industry. As the Guru has already trodden in there, same way, He can make the disciples Ascend the steps in their, Spiritual pursuits.” “When man takes a dip in the sea he gets the “purity” of bathing in all. The scared rivers and Thirtas” Similarly as soon as man takes resort at the feet of the Satguru he gets the results of prostrating to the Thrimurtis and even to the Parabrahman.” “Don’t speak more. Keep your heart pure. View joy and grief as the same. Abstain from competition, argument and shed wrath and ego. Don’t be subjected to joy and hatred regulate your sensual organs, cultivate good character then I will be yours” “Your outlook for life is short lived, it is volatile and unstable. Whenever a new stage crops up in your life, the previous stage is cut off to you, attachment is left for it. No relationships, No mental unrest one thing is true It is my existence that is immutable, It is stable and firm In you, around you, everywhere”