When Faced with a problem, test or resistance

1. Be silent within and without. Don't panic. Listen to intuitive thought. Align the mind to HE. Follow the thought.

2. Any fear or negative thought, do not linger on screen for more than half a second. If left for longer,it will take hold. Come back immediately.

3. In any situation have a philosophical thought at the background. Remember that HE are driving you

4. Making mistakes is ok. How you correct and handle is most important. Do not make the same mistake twice.

5. When any past thought or conditioning come, do not resist. Examine it. Tell the energy, you are here, I have learnt from you, now leave, thank you.

6. In any situation awareness is the key. Practice awareness.

7. Just observe people around you. Do not advice. Just bring out the best in them

8. Look at thought as an object, don't care about it. 

9. When disturbed, go back to breath, slow breathing.

10. When there is any issue in relationship, see the other person as a soul on his/ her own journey.

11. Habits, look once, no more. 

12. Through should be no greed, even in eyes.

13. Do not complain. The you will not be able to understand the HE

14. If totally helpless and not able to do anything, chant OM Sairam Babaji. 

15. Do not linger in any situation too long. If you cannot resolve, immediately contact master. 

1. Masters will always be with us and take care of us.

2. We are in divine protection.

3. Surrender to HE

4. Keep your intentions pure. In every situation, check your intentions.

5. Mindset should be perfect

6. Train the mind the way you want it to be. Befriend the mind.

7. WWH principle, what you are, who you are and how you are.

8. GOD, gift of discipline

9. See everybody as a soul, everybody is on their own individual journey

10. Never create a comfort zone

11. Accept your mistakes and faults to yourself. Admit your thoughts to yourself. Do not give excuses to yourself.

12. Do not think/ talk about others, especially in the house. Save your energy.

13. If you are happy, even for a few moments, the HE can come in and act.

14. Do not compare old thoughts nd experiences with the present.

15. Express gratitude everyday

16.Practice forgiveness everyday

17. Never think you are tired, keep doing

18. Put all your energies into belief rather than disbelief

19. Masters are non physical, so messages can come from anywhere in any form.

20. Use the mind to only learn new skills. Once it is learnt, take the mind out of the picture.

21. Past is fear, use the past to only recall happy moments

22. Do not focus on problems, issues, you will only connect to those energies. Instead focus and connect to the HE

23. Eliminate the I. Do not think you are doing anything. You are only a tool for the universe. 

Om Sairam Babaji.



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Om Sairam Babaji