Book reading sessions

Advantages to Reading Aloud
  • Reading aloud is a wonderful tool to help us learn to read smoothly and build fluency skills, continuity and confidence.
  • People of all ages need to be encouraged to read aloud.
  • Not only will this help us comprehend what we are reading, it will also allow us to listen back our voice. (Comprehend means to understand).
  • Hearing our voice will assist us in identifying our unique writing voice. (Writing voice means the individual’s distinct style of writing. Writing voice is the way you speak on paper.)
  • Learning to read aloud with confidence and clarity reaps many benefits.
  • Reading aloud helps us to cultivate our internal listening skills, which in turn assists us in discovering our unique writing voice.
  • Reading aloud sharpens our ear so that we are able to detect authentic dialogue and flowing narrative.
  • Reading aloud helps improve our diction and expression, which we will then transfer into our speaking voice and writing voice.(Diction means the clarity with which someone speaks.)
  • Reading aloud improves our visual memory and ability to see images in our mind.
  • Reading aloud improves our spelling. We are sounding out words, detecting syllables, and visually connecting to the words. All of these processes enhance spelling awareness.
  • Reading aloud is the best exercise we can do to improve our own writing and speaking. It is great practice for public speaking, speech and drama and acting in theater etc.
Book reading                22-02-2014

Today let’s begin this small session with 11 times chanting of sri sai ram & Babaji,The great Gurus. Thank you for obliging and spending your valuable weekend with all. Welcome India,Malaysia, Singapore and china PT members. We gathered here for a session called “ Book reading “in the present circumstances, let alone book reading, we do not have time for breathing. We all have or rather neck deep in our office schedule, house, schedules, etc. Amidst this hectic pressure,none of us have time to spare a moment for book reading. Breathwave feels that each and every one should read numerous books to expand their knowledge & vocabulary.

Today we are going to read samarpan yog of Himalayas – Autobiograpy of a realized sage – spiritual journey. Introduction to the Part 1 ----Samarpan Yog
· This Book is part of a Series of autobiographical narration of Satguru Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji’s spiritual journey, This is a living scripture being written by a living Satguru. · His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami is a living saint of 21st century, a pioneer of Samarpan Meditation technique. Having fully merged with the Divine Consciousness He descended to the society from Himalayan Mountains with pure wish to make us experience and connect with the Universal Consciousness. · Born into a Brahmin family in India, Swamiji displayed a curiosity about the existence and nature of Consciousness or God from His early childhood. Questioning the followers of the numerous religions, which he saw around him, He sought to know and find this knowledge. · This search continued throughout his early life and in His meditation three visions regularly came to Him. ... · Having reached enlightenment and merging fully with Universal Consciousness, yet remaining in the physical body, Swamiji chose not to isolate himself from the society as many beings who reach that level do. Instead He has come back into the society as 'a pipe', a channel, a means through which anyone who chooses can experience and connect with the Universal Consciousness.