Watching the breath In Every Waking Moment


The most popular and recognised form of meditation all over the world is watching the breath.

Watching our own breath, paying attention to it moving in and out of our body allows us to empty our mind of other thoughts. (If thoughts do come and they undoubtedly will) simply notice them and let them go.

It is easy to get trapped into following a may suddenly remember that you need to buy carrots, this may lead you to start thinking about last time you went shopping and what happened, maybe someone ran into you with their trolley...this may have made you angry and you will begin to dwell on it and remember other times when you have been angry etc etc..., this will lead to a feeling of unhappiness or rage. As you can see by this example it is very easy for your own mind to lead you into bad thoughts and affect the way you think and feel.

Watching the breath helps you to notice the workings of your mind, it gives you a little space in which to be at peace.

To practise this meditation, simply bring your attention to the "in" breath and the "out" breath. Some people find it helps to count the "in" breaths as they happen.. up to ten is a good number. If you suddenly realise that you have become distracted just return to 1 and start again. Some people prefer to count on the "out" breath or simply to focus their attention on the feel of the breath moving in and out of the nostrils. Some chant Om Sairam Babaji as they watch their breath. You can try all of these methods and decide which one suits you best.

Watching the breath only while sitting in meditation is one way. Babaji gives a very unique way of following this practice. Not just watching while sitting in meditation, but rather watching the breath constantly in every waking moment. From the time you wake up till the time you fall asleep, be with your breath constantly. In every action, very work, while talking, while eating, watching TV, watch your breath. 

In every action, there are always thoughts in the background that are every ready to attack and occupy the moment there is a lapse in awareness. These thoughts drag you away from the task at hand, whereby your energy is dissipated and the task is not performed to perfection. When you replace the thought with the energy of the breath, you connect with the cosmos and your energy is not only retained but also enhanced to complete every task perfectly and with greater speed. 

As this practice is perfected, you get attuned to the universe and every act is in synchrony with the universe. 

Whatever method you choose, the aim is the same..... just be with your breath instead of constantly grasping at the thoughts.

If you don't succeed remember that it takes practice and commitment. So just keep going. 

Om Sairam Babaji.



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