Monday: Day of Awareness
Eliminate all unwanted activities. Unwanted activities include unwanted thoughts, words and deeds. Gossiping, lying, fighting, anger, unwanted habits & desires; all need to be avoided. Detach yourself in any unwanted situation. If unforeseen situations arise, be calm, smile and handle in a soft and mature manner. Be honest and be with integrity.
Tuesday: Day of Silence
Maintain complete silence as much as possible. You may need to talk at work or to your family; but do so only when necessary. Stay away from SMS, Chatting, Facebook and other social networking sites. Use gadgets only when necessary. Be true to yourself when in silence.
Wednesday: Day of Affirmation
Keep affirming to yourself, “I am a God Particle”. Throughout the day, in any activity that you do, keep repeating the affirmation in your mind. Do not doubt or have second thoughts of your ability to do it. Just keep the affirmation on.
Thursday: Day of Chanting
Chant “OM SAIRAM BABAJI” in your mind or aloud when possible, throughout the day
Friday: Day of Seva
Perform any additional Seva (service), apart from your routine seva activities. It could be at home or outside. Also try to conserve and use minimally all forms of energy and natural resources like electricity, water, fuel etc.
Negativity is a perception. If you look at a thing, a situation, a person, or an event negatively, that is how it is mostly likely to end up for you.
If you look at something positively , you can still be at peace even if it ends differently than you had expected. Negativity can also be the result of peer pressure or negative influence. When you are in a group and someone always talks negatively or badly about a person , naturally, you will start to adopt their negative view of that person. This is how it all starts and builds up. And finally, you find yourself becoming a victim of negativity. An unexpected event can also cause negativity. negative thinking. No doubt , they are all adverse for the individual . There is not one benefit to it. Negative thinking will pull an individual down and lower self-confidence, which will tarnish that person’s view of the world and the people in it. negative thinking ruins hope . When you lose hope, you give up, and that mostly happens when you are ‘this’ close to achieving something. Negativity is something created by yourself, and it is all in your hands. You cannot have control over negative things happening around you, but you can always prevent them. As the old proverb goes, “Prevention is always better than cure. Om sairam Babaji.
Guru Paduka Stotram
namo namah srigurupadukabhyam
My prostrations to the holy sandals of my Guru, which serve as the down pour of water to put out the fire of misfortunes, which remove the groups of distresses of those who prostrate to them.

Welcome To Breathwave

The following 5 points are given by Babaji to the retreat participants as the primary step for Personal Transformation. Those who follow these five points shall be the best among the men

  1. Family
    • Family First
    • Unconditional Love towards family
    • To provide everything the family needs is our responsibility
    • Practice forgiveness at all time
    • Respect, protection and needs of the family
  2. Gratitude to the Universe
    • For everything that the universe is providing
    • Till the last breath be greatful
  3. Everyone is a Soul
    • Knowing that I AM a SOUL
    • And others are also Souls on their own Journey
    • When we see others a Soul, we shed hatred, jealousy, lust etc.. towards them
  4. Work is worship
    • Work first and then pain and pleasure
    • Treat work as god
    • Only those who see god in work shall reach the top
  5. Cleanliness
    • Thought Cleanliness
    • Body Cleanliness
    • Surrounding Cleanliness

Breath Regards