Breathwave weekly session's


Week 1–Awareness Development

“Watch your breath” Every day’s breathing practice session

Requirements for this session:

Why is this session important?:

Week 2 – Awareness Development 2

Week 3 – Follow the Breath

Week 4 – Breathing through IP

Week 5 – Same as week 4

Week 5 – Breathing through IP - 30/06/2014

Week 6 – Watch your thoughts - 14/7/14

Week 7- Agna Meditation -21/07/2014

Week 8 – Breath Watching – 28/7/14

Week 9 – Breathing – 18/8/14

Week 10 – Chakra Clearing (Mooladhara) – 25/8/14

Week 11 – Chakra Clearing (Mooladhara-LUM) – 01/9/14

Week 12 – Chakra Clearing– 08/9/14

Week 13 – Chakra Clearing– 15/9/14

Week 14 – Chakra Clearing– 22/9/14

Week 15 – Chakra Clearing– 29/9/14

Week 16 – Chakra Clearing– 06/10/14

Week 17 – Chakra Clearing– 13/10/14

Week 18 – Awareness Development – 20/10/14

Week 19 – IPB Sushumna – 27-OCT-14

Week 20 – Sushumna Breathing – 03-Nov-2014

Week 21 – Chakra Cleansing – 10-Nov-14

Week 22 – Chakra Cleansing – 17-Nov-14

Ancient Meditation Technique - 02-Mar-15

Babaji Meditation Technique - 09-Mar-15

Shavasana Meditation Technique - 23-Mar-15

Observing SILENCE Week - (27th April - 8th May-15)

Naadi Breathing && Removing Baggages Week - (11th May - 22nd May-15)

Cheerful Meditation (Ananda Japam) Week - (25th May - 5th June-15)

Self realisation week - (8th June - 19th June-15)

Removing old patterns - (22nd June - 3rd July-15)


Week 1 – Awareness Development

“Watch your breath” Every day’s breathing practice session

Name of the session:

“Watch your breath”

Who can attend this session?

· You along with your spouse.

· Ensure that your kids go to bed by 9:00 pm.  

· If they are trained to sit in meditation, then they are welcome too.  

· See that they do not disturb you.

Requirements for this session:

· Ask your spouse to cook food before 8 pm and finish your dinner by 8 pm. 

· Because you need to have at least 2 hours break after taking food..

· Keep handy a pen and paper, stop watch or app in your smart phone… 

· Sit in a comfortable place, be calm and no distractions.

Why is this session important?:

Focusing on breath is the key to a successful spiritual journey in this current chaotic world.  

Your soul is attached to your physical body for a stipulated period only.  During that period 

 you need to love your soul’s vehicle—which is your body and try to keep it clean.   Beautiful experiences need to be attached to the body, 

which get attached to the soul as well.   If you disturb your body with unwanted things like ego, 

anger, lust etc ,you will be disturbing your physical body and there by your ethereal body.
Then Soul has no choice but to get attached to these unwanted experiences.  These things will be 

carried forward to next part of its journey.  In order to avoid unnecessary hassles, we should always  

entertain it with good things.  Project only good things to the body.  Now you know why it is very 

important to have a clean and strong body.In the ancient period,  yogis/sages  took very good care of their 

body right from young.  They led a disciplined     life by taking good care of all their sense organs, bones, teeth and muscles.  Good, clean and timely food, 

good amount of yoga and greater amount of meditation was their secret of body fitness.  Modernization 

brought not only comforts but also discomforts to the body.  
The present day conditions are full of  unnecessary stress, strain, and lack of peace of mind.. because of all 

these the body is not attended to in a normal way.  Every thing is artificial.  Fruits are made to  ripe artificially………….no one has  time to wait for the fruits to ripe.  Family relationships are artificial…………….no one has gratitude or love for their family members.  
Most of us fail to understand the other……… we are always busy.  End of the day……….the body gets attached to unwanted experiences.  


So, personal transformation is the only solution for a blissful life despite staying amidst cacophony.  

Those who have taken up the path of personnel transformation need to realize that they can’t change the 

circumstances  around them…..but they can make their small world more peaceful by following small tips

handed down by the masters from time to time.  These tips are simple solutions that can bring about peace 

in their life, mind and body.   

· First tip is a simple, but organised life style.

· Spending quality time with family members with out any expectations.

· Attending spiritual Gatherings like this and discussing from time to time.   

· This new tip handed down is called as “Watch your breath”.

· This session will make you realize how important good breathing techniques are for the body.  

· These sessions will bring about great calm and help you to introspect.

· Good breathing will pour in more oxygen to enhance and rejuvenate your cells.

· Even- breathing practice will also help you to cope up with your anger or any other adverse situation.

What is the procedure of this session?


· Follow the steps A, B and C.         


· Watch a cartoon/movie for 10 minutes without  sound. 

· Keep watching your breath too, as you watch the cartoon/movie.

· Behind the mind always have this  —-” I am breathing in when you breathe in. I am breathing out and I am alive when you breathe out”.

· You enjoy the cartoon/movie, you can laugh or indulge yourself in the movie/cartoon……but remind yourself to watch your breath too . 

· If you forget to watch the breath or  drift off,  please put a tick on a paper.

· As the days progress, the number of times you deviate from breathe might reduce and so will the “ticks” on paper.

· Have a good cartoon show/movie and a nice breath- watching session.


· Watch a cartoon/movie for 10 minutes with sound. 

· Keep watching your breath too, as you watch the cartoon/movie.

· Behind the mind always have this  —-” I am breathing in when you breathe in. I am breathing out and I am alive when you breathe out”.

· You enjoy the cartoon/movie, you can laugh or indulge yourself in the movie/cartoon……but remind yourself to watch your breath too . 

· If you forget to watch the breath or drift off,  please put a tick on a paper.



· Now no more movie or cartoon.

· Close your eyes, be in silence  and watch your breath.

· Behind the mind always have this  —-” I am breathing in when you breathe in. I am breathing out and I am alive when you breathe out”.

What to do at the end of the session?

· At 10:30 pm, please go back to bed and start ida and  pingala breathing lying down in savasana posture. 

· Once the rhythm of breathing is embraced, you will have a light head, with no thoughts and will have

 a wonderful sleep that will help you to cope up with the next day’s strenuous schedule.  

Feed back and Queries:

· Feed back should be posted tomorrow morning in the blog as well as in the viber.  

· Just message the answers  A=? B=? C=?    

·   Feel free to talk to the master if you have any queries.


Om Sairam Babaji


Week 2 – Awareness Development 2

Schedule for the second week of “Watch your Breath” session.

Procedure of this sessionPart 1

1. Watch the given clip of movie for 20 minutes.

2. Do not turn off the sound.

3. Watch your breath silently.

4. Just observe the air that goes in and comes out.  Don’t say the lines -I am breathing in and I am breathing out and I am alive.

5. There can be few distractions while watching the movie.

6. Note down which aspect in the given clip is the key factor of your distraction.

7. List of distractions are given below.

8. You can recall the factors of distraction after the session or during the session.

9. Please let me remind you that even while putting a tick on the paper (a simple task as that) can distract you.  So, even while putting ticks, you need to watch your breath.

List of distractions while watching the  movie can be:

· Music in the movie

· Colours depicted in the movie

· Story line of the movie

· Actors/actresses

· Scenery shown in the movie

· Characters in the story

· Dialogues

· Theme of the movie

· Other thoughts that are not related to the movie

· Thoughts that are generated by watching the movie

· Association of scenes in the movie to your real life incidents/events/experiences

· While putting a tick on the paper.

· Observing the stop-watch or looking at the clock on your computer.

Don’t get alarmed as the ticks on the paper are too many.

Practice will make you perfect!  We just began our breath-watching.  Did n’t we?

After twenty minute session, take few seconds to tick the right option.  Please send your option to the 

viber and post it in the blog as well.

A.  I was totally engrossed in the movie and forgot about the breath most of the time. 

B.  I was engrossed in the movie but at the same time came back to breath- watching from time to time.

C.  I was engrossed in other thoughts other than the movie generated ones, but could get back to breath- watching from time to time. 

D.  I did not enjoy the movie as I had to constantly watch my breath which was very frustrating and some times boring. 

E.  I was entirely engrossed in watching my breath as I kept reminding myself about the breath-watching.  So, my eyes were just watching the movie( did not register the movie), but I was totally aware of the breath.  

F.  I was entirely engrossed in watching the movie, understood every inch of it and at the same time

 I kept reminding myself about breath-watching.  So, I could enjoy the movie as well as keep a track of my breath.  



Be honest while you choose the option from point number 8.

Once the option from point number 8 has been chosen, now move on to the last leg of the session.

Procedure of the session:  Part 2

· Close your eyes and watch your breath for ten minutes.

· Let the intent of watching your breath be very firm and strong.

· Tell your self that no distractions can touch you and you are going to watch your breath 100% today.

The result of the last 10 minute session:  Tick the right option.

A.  Breath-watching was highly successful.

B.  I could not watch my breath for more than few seconds as I wandered off.

C.  I felt sleepy.

D.  I felt bored and wanted the session to finish faster.

E.  I felt that other thoughts conquered me half- way through the session.

Post the results of both the sessions in viber and in the blog.

To days video clip :


Om Sairam Babaji



Week 3 – Follow the Breath


This weeks session will be divided into 2 parts:                                                                       

Part 1: Observing the breath as it goes in to the lungs and out.


1. This session will be for 20 minutes.

2. First take a long breath ( a long as you can.)—breathe in and breathe out.

3. Observe its path—

1. First through both the nostrils (the air will be both cold and warm)

2. Then the naso-pharyngeal region

3. Slowly into the lungs.

4. Observe the rising of the chest when air fills it up.

5. Next, observe the falling of the chest as the air in it recedes.

6. Slowly watch the breath leaving you.

7. If you can, observe that tiny gap between the flow of air in and air out, it would be wonderful.

8. Let the inhalation be equal to the exhalation.

Difficulties one might come across this session(Part 1):

1. Uneven breathing.

2. Unable to take long breaths

3. Unable to watch the flow of air into the nasal, pharynx and the lungs region.

4. Unable to focus on the breath.

Part 2: Counting the breath aloud:


1. This session will be for 10 minutes.

2. This is breath counting session.

3. Inhalation (taking in air) and Exhalation( breathing out) should be rhythmic.

4. 12345—for inhalation and 54321 for exhalation.( Don’t count this rhyth.)

5. One inhalation and exhalation will be considered to be one complete cycle.

6. Count the cycles aloud.

7. If you miss the count, start from 1 again.

Just post your experiences in the viber.

Week 4 – Breathing through IP

Watch your Breath:  4th session                                             30/6/14

Today’s session will be divided into 2 parts:                                                                   

Part A:  Observing the Ida and Pingla.


·        This session will be for 20 minutes.

·        This part deals with only Ida (Your left nostril breathing)  and Pingla (Your Right nostril Breathing).

·        Focus first on Ida , let the cool breath enter your nostril (inhale)

·        Visualize that this breath has reached your third eye Agna. Then slowly exhale through Ida only.

·        Now inhale the warm air through Pingla, let it reach the Agna in your visualization and slowly exhale.

·        Keep doing this, alternatively until you find a kind of gentle calm embracing you.

Part B:   Breath evenly through both the nostrils:


·        This session will be for 10 minutes.

·        Breath evenly through both the nostrils.

·        When inhalation reaches its maximum point, Stop breathing as long as you can.

·        The moment you feel you can’t hold your breath any longer, then slowly start exhaling, evenly with both the nostrils.

·        DO this breathing pattern with slight force exerted by your nostrils.

·        Use a subtle force to draw as much air as possible and let go with the same force.

·        Don’t over do while holding your breath.

·        This is not a competition of breathing, Just a subtle practise.

Requirements of Part A & B  session:        

·        Dimly lit room with absolute silence in the room.

·        Do both the activities, Part A & B While sitting straight in yogic posture.

·        Let the hands be in Gyan mudra……

Note: If part A is done accurately, A vision of sage might appear in your Agna region

Don’t panic , just observe him/her.

Week 5 – Same as week 4

Watch your Breath:  4th session30/6/14


Today’s session will be divided into 2 parts:

Part A:  Observing the Ida and Pingla.


 ·        This session will be for 20 minutes.

 ·        This part deals with only Ida (Your left nostril breathing)  and Pingla (Your Right nostril Breathing).

 ·        Focus first on Ida , let the cool breath enter your nostril (inhale)

 ·        Visualize that this breath has reached your third eye Agna. Then slowly exhale through Ida only.

 ·        Now inhale the warm air through Pingla, let it reach the Agna in your visualization and slowly exhale.

 ·        Keep doing this, alternatively until you find a kind of gentle calm embracing you.


Part B:   Breath evenly through both the nostrils:

 Procedure:        This session will be for 10 minutes.

 ·        Breath evenly through both the nostrils.

 ·        When inhalation reaches its maximum point, Stop breathing as long as you can.

·        The moment you feel you can’t hold your breath any longer, then slowly start exhaling, 

           evenly with both the nostrils.

·        DO this breathing pattern with slight force exerted by your nostrils.

·        Use a subtle force to draw as much air as possible and let go with the same force.

·        Don’t over do while holding your breath.

·        This is not a competition of breathing, Just a subtle practise.


Requirements of Part A & B  session:               

Dimly lit room with absolute silence in the room.

·        Do both the activities, Part A & B While sitting straight in yogic posture.

·        Let the hands be in Gyan mudra……

Note: If part A is done accurately, A vision of sage might appear in your Agna region

Don’t panic , just observe him/her.


Week 6 – Watch your thoughts - 14/7/14






Week 7- Agna Meditation -21/07/2014

Watch your Breath –  21/7/14

Third Eye Meditation Part A – 20 Minutes

• Sit in a dimly lit room with no other disturbance.

• Choose a comfortable position for sitting. Often cross – legged position with the spine straight, brings in perfect results.

• Open your palms and place them on your knees. The palms should face upward with the thumb slightly

 touching the index finger.

• Every part of your body and face should be relaxed. A hot water bath before the session can help you to relax.

• Wear comfortable clothes, not tight- fitting ones.

• If you can’t sit cross- legged on the floor, use a straight back chair.


• When sitting on the chair, bring your knees together, with palms on them (facing upward). Put your feet together on the floor and your spine should be straight.

• Whether on the floor or on the chair, sitting straight is the key factor.

• Once settled comfortably as stated above, close your eyes and let the tongue rest on the roof of the 

front teeth or just behind the front teeth. Now slowly push the tongue up and help it to get attached to the roof of the mouth.

• Now concentrate on the third eye, which is the space between the two eye brows and the sixth chakra-The Agna, this region is called trikuti.

• Focus your attention, concentration on this spot.

• You have to do this until a white or deep indigo blue light appears.

• Thoughts can disturb you. Then you know what to do. Don’t you? Just hold them with your palms and drag them to one side and again focus on third eye until you see the light.

• Initially, thoughts will trouble you, but as the practice improves, you shall enjoy the light at the centre 

of your eye brows.

• Do this practice for 20 minutes.

• End of the session, join the palms together, breathe in and out deeply and thank your Sadgurus for helping 

you transcend the physical consciousness.

Special note: Different lights appear for different people depending on the level of their concentration. 

Don’t worry about them. The vision of lights is a kind of encouragement to stick to your sadhana. 

These lights will compel you to adhere steadily to meditation. However do not shake your body, 

or get scared if you see these bright lights. Just observe them. For now these lights and their colours do

 not have any meaning, so do not raise any questions regarding this.


Part B : 10 minutes

• Place the base of the palms on your eyes.

• Block out any form of light to enter your eyes.

• Let the palms, gently press your eyes.

• Now you shall observe a grey cloud giving way to inky blackness.

• Peer into the jet black regions.

• You can actually ‘Look’ although your eyes are closed.

• Keep gazing into the black depths for 10 minutes. Let your breathe be shallow and steady.

• When you keep looking at the ‘black’ regions, do not entertain any thoughts. Imagine that you are 

alone in the inky depths of the universe. Just admire the silence and the nothingness there.


Week 8 – Breath Watching – 28/7/14




Week 9 – Breath Watching – 4/8/14

Week 9 – Counting Watching – 11/8/14 

Same as week2

Wonderfull Chill Out Music Love Chapter 2 HD:

Week 9 – Breathing – 18/8/14

Part A 5 minutes quite breathing........ start now..

now 3minutes  deep breathing........................

now 2minutes  very fast  breathing........................

Part B       20   minutes ...... start now..

Week 10 – Chakra Clearing (Mooladhara) – 25/8/14

Just received msg from babaji.... group still need to focus and  practice more on the base chakra.

 Babaji suggested to repeat last week session..... Each one what ever they may be please ask this 

energy centre to cleanse you these unwanted fears...    To days main target is removal of fear...  

 please shower with rocksalt if possible and sit in the session...   Thank you..... om sairam babaji......................

siddhas/ masters  are beside you to help you release your fears.. help your self....

Part A 5 minutes quite breathing........ start now

now start  3minutes  deep breathing...........

You: now start 2minutes  very fast  breathing......

Part B:        20   minutes ...... start now..

watch mooladhara .. start now..

Week 11 – Chakra Clearing (Mooladhara-LUM) – 01/9/14

Do Ida pingla breathing. 

Concentrate only on mooladhara  now Ida pingla should touch moola dhara. 

 30minutes only concentrate on mooldhara. 

What ever you see do not get distracted. Do not open your eyes. Set timer.   Take shower before you do.


Now let Ida breath go around the mooladhara and come out through the left nostril

Pingla breath should go round mooladhara and come out of right nostril


Wear comfortable clothing and sit in a dark room.  Minimise the disturbance in this room.  

As warm up you can do ida/pingala breathing  or straight jump to  lum chanting.

Drink two glasses of water after the session and go to bed straight

Week 12 – Chakra Clearing– 08/9/14

In today's session please focus on swadishisthana and mooladhara.  Take a deep breath and focus on swadishisthana and chant  Vam Pronounced as "vum".  

Take a deep breath and now focus on Mooladhara and

Week 13 – Chakra Clearing– 15/9/14

First take a deep breath and say 'rum' the sound associated with the Manipura chakra.  Then breathe deeply and

 say 'vum'  for swadishisthana chakra. Finally breathe deeply and say 'lum' for mooladhara chakra.

So as you chant these mantras today please focus on each chakra.  Today it's a unidirectional flow that is Manipura

 to mooladhara.  The mantras 'vum - lum - hum' should be almost continuous.  Though you take a breath there should not be any break in the humming. 

 Today you can experience a great shiver in your spine area if you do it correctly. Om sairam babaji.



Week 14 – Chakra Clearing– 22/9/14

set your timers and start from base chakra to the top 





4 again 1



Associating with colour of each chakra and petals ... visualizing each chakra as a flower and opening its petals and vibrant..

Order is Lum.. vum.. rum.. yum Repeat the same...     mooladhara - red - 4 petals- Lum...                                  swadishthana - orange - 6 petals - vum...    Manipura - Yellow – 10

Week 15 – Chakra Clearing– 29/9/14

Order is Ham.. Yum.. Rum.. Vum.. Lum.. again  go upwards                                                                                              Lum.. vum.. rum.. yum.. Ham   Repeat the same down wards and go upwards

Vishuddhi - 16 petals - Blue  - Ham....  visualize each chakra as a flower and it is opening up the petals while chanting the sound... flower is becoming more vibrant while

Week 16 – Chakra Clearing– 06/10/14

For this week session follow this.......     Order is Om.. Ham.. Yum.. Rum.. Vum.. Lum..                              

again  go upwards                                                                                              

Lum.. vum.. rum.. yum.. Ham

Repeat the same down wards and go upwards again...                                                              

mooladhara - red - 4 petals- Lum...                                  

swadishthana - orange - 6 petals - vum...                             

Manipura -10 petals - Yellow - Rum...                                   

Anahatha - 12 petals - Green - Yum

Vishuddhi - 16 petals - Blue  - Ham....                            

Ajna  - 2 -indigo (deep blue)  - Om..

visualize each chakra as a flower and it is opening up the petals while chanting the sound... 

flower is becoming more vibrant while your chanting...                         

Om sairam babaji..............................

get ready for the session...  to day we focus on ajna.. follow the above procedure.....   

 this is very important chakra to connect HE. Please do with utmost care and sincearity...                                                                               

Week 17 – Chakra Clearing– 13/10/14

we are going to focus on breathing and  alter the breathing pattern while doing this method...     

please feel free to ask until you adapt  the right way so that you can continue practicing the right way....    

1)      Take a deep Breath through the nose slowly till agna chakra.


2)      The breath should touch agna.


3)      Focus on agna start exhaling  slowly.


4)      Right at the end of the exhale


5)      At the end of Om start inhaling slowly… 

Week 18 – Awareness Development – 20/10/14

Dear Soulmates

please check your respective emails for details on this week session.                                                                            

Read and follow the steps...put your maximum efforts 

introspect your self and express...    

listen to your innerself in silence.. tap that frequency.. strengthen it...discuss in the group .. 

Follow this clip ..

Om sairam babaji.........

set your timer..  set 20 minutes and 10 minutes timers.. multiple timers..

start part A now... 20 minutes...

Week 19 – IPB Sushumna – 27/10/14

Get ready for to night session... take shower with salt water if possible....   prepare comfortable place to sit....

 get ready for the session....    for ida pingla  sushumna...  need to follow the pic...    if you have any questions

 please ask. do not do any mistakes...





Week 20 – Sushumna Breathing – 3/11/14

This week session:                                                                     

sushumna breathing.  Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. kundalini moves upwards running

slowly touching each chakra.   Let this session bring out all the impurities out of you and cleanse you with  

cosmic energy. om sairam babaji....


Every time start your focus from mooladhara only and end in Sahasrara and go back to  mooladhara again.    

 Repeat until you feel contended.

Infact   when someone does this  he or she will never feel like coming out of the happiness that flows through 

the body.   Chakras all will come to an understanding and help elevate the kundalini energy.

Try this kriya sincerely and post your comments.



Week 21 – Chakra Cleansing – 10-Nov-14

Today session is chakra cleansing. Same method as done before with all chakras

Set timers to 30 mins

Try to become such a  person so that masters can extend help to this eorld thru us

pl convey gratitude to all the chakras as you meditate on them

Week 22 – Chakra Cleansing – 17/11/14 

This week session will again focus on the chakras

The process is as follows

  1. 3 mins of breath watching. Do yogic breathing
  2. 30 mins chakra meditation.
    1. Lie down in shavasana without pillow
    2. Start observing the chakras one by one from Mooladhara to sahasrara. Just focus on the region of the chakra and the form and colour of the chakra. No chanting is required
  3. Once you finish you can go to sleep.

Ancient Meditation Technique 02-March-2015

Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Take bath with warm water just before the session.
  • Do not eat anything for two hours after this session.
  • You can drink as much water as you can after the session.
  • Remain in silence during the entire session.
  • Do not chant or hum anything.
  • This is a very ancient meditation technique, so please pay due respect and follow the instructions.

  • Procedure:
  • Place your hands evenly [on your lap], and keep your fingers as shown in the figure.
  • hand posture
  • This keeps the body and mind in complete balance, and allows the body temperature, the circulation of energy and blood circulation to stay in good balance.
  • Raise your chest and tuck your chin.
  • hand posture
  • This will help the spirit and energy circulate throughout the whole body without hindrance.
  • If we do not raise our chest and tuck our chin, insufficiency of spirit and energy will lead to falling asleep during practice.
  • Too much relaxation will lead to falling asleep.
  • Next the tongue should be pressed against the upper palate.
  • Let the tongue be parallel to the palate (roof of the mouth).Do not exert too much pressure right away.This technique needs lot of practice.
  • As your tongue touches the palate, concentrate at the center of your forehead.
  • Focus your mind on one point at the center of your forehead, where you can find the seat of your spiritual eye.
  • Breathe normally while your tongue is still pressed against the upper palate.
  • Practice this as long as you can.
  • hand posture

    Babaji Meditation Technique 09-March-2015

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Have a bath with warm water just before the session.
  • Do not eat anything 20 minutes before and after the session.

  • Procedure:
  • Please sit down in a dimly lit room.
  • Sit straight.
  • If you can sit in Padmasan, Try. If you can’t, try to sit cross legged only.
  • Follow the posture of Babaji for the hand placement.
  • For few minutes, try to chant Babaji, and seek the great guru’s blessing.
  • Then, keep your eyes open and look slightly up.(Follow Babaji’s way as shown in the figure. )
  • Let your eyes stare emptily at nothing in particular.
  • Try and practice this meditative technique as long as your eyelids permit you to do so.
  • Once you can’t resist batting your eyelids, close them for fraction of a second and then continue gazing upwards.
  • This is a very typical technique……..try ……….don’t give up.
  • First time, you might find the eyes craving to close……but with practice, you can see many things which you need to see.
  • Om SairamBabaji.

  • babaji posture

    Align to the Guru Element - (20th Apr - 24th Apr-15)

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Master talked about aligning ourselves to the energies of the guru. Below are the summary points:
  • When we align our energies with the energies of the guru we are able to connect deeply and clear our blocks.
  • Only then can we be guided by the master and higher energies to move forward on our path
  • Guru energies are aligning himself for the sake of desiple in order to to make him understand the importance of discipline.
  • Once the disciple is disciplined then the purpose of the Guru and disciple is fulfilled and work for the Universe/society can then be accomplished.
  • The sadhak should have the great intent to be discipline.

  • Sit down in a very dark room and just watch your thoughts.
  • Sit straight on the floor. Don't be in a relaxed position.
  • By doing this you will know whether you are aligned with the guru or not.
  • Eyes can be closed or open, thoughts might come
  • Post the various thoughts that come up.... No matter how ugly it is
  • Om sairam babaji

  • Observing SILENCE Week - (27th April - 8th May-15)

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Procedure:
  • Sit in a dark room.
  • Invoke Babaji's presence by chanting Babaji's name.
  • Chant softly.
  • As you chant your body craves for silence.
  • Then stop chanting and begin silence... All the while, keep Babaji's portrait in mind.
  • Keep observing your silence and Babaji's presence around you. Subtle warmth will wrap you up.
  • Keep focusing on the silence and the HE's presence. HE will guide you through the process.
  • Om SairamBabaji.

  • Naadi Breathing & Baggage removal - (11th May - 24th May-15)

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Do nadi breathing for a while.
  • Then take a piece of paper and please write down all the worries/problems that are nagging you and not allowing you to achieve this inner peace.
  • From today onwards for two straight weeks keep writing down all the woes you had or have.
  • On the 14th day, gather in front of your respective agnihotras and burn those woes in the sacred fire.
  • You know that Babaji is next to you,but still its so difficult to let go your anger, greed and all the other negative energies that you have accumulated till now.
  • If you do not let go the unwanted baggages, you can never be happy.
  • So now is the chance for you to pour your grievances on to a piece of paper.
  • Don't show it to anyone unless you want to keep them safe until the 14th day.
  • Most of our grievances revolve around money, marital and children issues.
  • Don't feel shy,sit down and jot down all your sad ness on to the paper.
  • This technique will help you to dig deep into the experience core and pull out all the unwanted stuff.
  • There is no time limit for this session.
  • Om sairam babaji

  • Cheerful Meditation (Ananda Japam) Week 15-June-2015

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Close your eyes and invoke the presence of Babaji.
  • Do the invoking by chanting Babaji’s name silently in your mind..
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Procedure:
  • Think of a beautiful quote / a wonderful incident or anything pleasant which will bring a smile to your lips.
  • Close your eyes and focus on the happiness.
  • Let the smile fill your entire body & soul.
  • Wrap yourself in happiness and do not open your eyes until the timer goes off.
  • The following morning again do this activity for few minutes & let the entire day be very cheerful.
  • This is called Ananda Jap or cheerful meditation.
  • Om SairamBabaji.
  • Self realisation week 15-June-2015

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Procedure:
  • Sit in padmasan, if you can't sit then Sit straight on the floor cross legged.
  • Close your eyes and chant babaji's name silently and invoke His presence.
  • Place your concentration on the region of ajnaya,region between your eyebrows.
  • Visualise a small spark between your eyebrows,Breathe effortlessly.
  • Let one thought on be your mind screen.Let one thought be on your lips, "I am a God Particle"
  • Om SairamBabaji.

  • Removing old patterns 22-June-2015

    Instructions for weekly Meditation

  • Sit in dimly lit room.
  • Take bath with warm water and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please do not eat anything half an hour before and after meditation.

  • Procedure:
  • 1. Invoke the presence of Babaji.
  • 2. Visualize that he is standing in front of you or sitting in front of you.
  • 3. Now bring out your worst old pattern that is bothering you and blocking your spiritual progress.
  • 4. Search for it with in you.
  • 5. Once you find it, order it to surface and visualize that it is in your palms now.
  • 6. Now place this old pattern at Babaji's lotus feet and ask him to take it away from you...never to return it to you.
    For example, lying is your old pattern, then give it to babaji...he will accept it.
  • 7. Once you hand over one of your old pattern s... now give suggestions to yourself that you shall not return to this old pattern any more.
  • 8. Have you ever noticed that when you set alarm to catch an early morning flight, you wake up before the alarm..?
  • 9. It is because you have been telling yourself to get up at this particular also tell yourself that you cannot miss the flight as you can't face the repercussions..
  • 10. This is a type of auto-suggestion that you give to yourself.
  • 11. In this session, you will be helping yourself to remove the old patterns under Babaji's watchful eyes.
  • 12. If you have a family member who is a great critic, ask him or her if they feel that you have shed this particular old pattern...
  • 13. This whole week you can concentrate on a single old pattern or multiple patterns that bother you...
  • 14. Your family should be able to notice that you have come out of this old pattern...
  • 15. Sometimes, your old pattern is a thing that you can't tell it to any one..... Then you should monitor yourself and see whether your auto - suggestions are working or not.
  • 16. Help your soul to get detached from the unwanted and troubling patterns........
  • Om SairamBabaji.



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