Practicing Purity


As per the instruction of Babaji to validate oneself based on the points given during the retreat, 

the following key words have been formulated as a form of measurement.


1) Family

No Resistance towards any member of family ( see as soul )

Responsibility ( agree on who should do what, when one missed, other should take it up )

Forgive everyone for everything unconditionally

Respect one another

No Complaints

No Judgement

Acceptance at all times and all levels.


2) Practice Gratitude

Gratitude to Universe

Gratitude to Breath

Gratitude to Guru and Satguru’s

Gratitude to Fire @ Agnihotra

Gratitude to Food before eating

Others as you wish


3) SOUL – in all

Look into the eyes of the other person and see their Soul

Ends all conflicts on physicality


4) Work

Work at office and work at home

Don’t wait for Work, find work and do it

Pain / Pleasure after work

Work done with Dedication is Meditation


5) Cleanliness

Clean Thoughts : Zero thoughts or Positive thoughts

Clean Body : Stay fit and healthy

Clean Surrounding : Keep the place you live and work clean.


Evaluate your daily interaction with your world on the above points and which ever point you failed 

put in the blog in the following format / can send to master or share in the viber Soul Transformation Group.


What happened ? ( describe the situation briefly )

Why you failed ? ( which pointer from the 5 )

What you learned and action to be taken ? ( what you learned how you intend to rectify it in future )


This way the group learns from one another and strive towards to perfection in those 5 points given by

The Great Maha avatar Babaji.


Instructions to follow everyday to maintain purity

1. Masters will always be with us and take care of us.
2. We are in divine protection.
3. Surrender to HE
4. Keep your intentions pure. In every situation, check your intentions.
5. Mindset should be perfect
6. Train the mind the way you want it to be. Befriend the mind.
7. WWH principle, what you are, who you are and how you are.
8. GOD, gift of discipline
9. See everybody as a soul, everybody is on their own individual journey
10. Never create a comfort zone
11. Accept your mistakes and faults to yourself. Admit your thoughts to yourself. Do not give excuses to yourself.
12. Do not think/ talk about others, especially in the house. Save your energy.
13. If you are happy, even for a few moments, the HE can come in and act.
14. Do not compare old thoughts nd experiences with the present.
15. Express gratitude everyday
16.Practice forgiveness everyday
17. Never think you are tired, keep doing
18. Put all your energies into belief rather than disbelief
19. Masters are non physical, so messages can come from anywhere in any form.
20. Use the mind to only learn new skills. Once it is learnt, take the mind out of the picture.
21. Past is fear, use the past to only recall happy moments
22. Do not focus on problems, issues, you will only connect to those energies. Instead focus and connect to the HE
23. Eliminate the I. Do not think you are doing anything. You are only a tool for the universe. 



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Om Sairam Babaji