Q. Master, I am constantly affected by my past, what do I do?
A. Do not dig the past. It will bury you in Ultimate sorrow.
"Gatham Gathaha". Let the 'Gone' be gone.

Maha avatar Babaji  17/8/2014        
Q. Dear master, how do I deal with a negative people or situations?
A. When situations or people try to drain your energies, walking away is not the solution. Your job is to focus and maintain your energies. You had better raise your energies to much more higher levels. The techniques for this have been given to you.
This is the best solution.

Q. Dear master, how do I control my anger?
A. When you are Angry your mind will restrict you from listening. Quickly move your focus to your breath. That will calm you down and help you listen. 
"Focus on breath is the key to a successful spiritual journey".
Maha Avatar Babaji. 10/06/2014 

Q. Dear master, what is the role of the physical body in the spiritual journey?
A. Focusing on breath is the key to a successful spiritual journey in this current chaotic world. Your soul is attached to your physical body for a stipulated period only. During that period you need to love your soul's vehicle, that is your body and try to keep it clean.
Beautiful experiences need to be attached to the body. These experiences get attached to the soul as well.
If you disturb your body with unwanted things like ego, anger, lust etc; you will be disturbing your physical body and thereby your ethereal body.
Then the Soul has no choice but to get attached to these unwanted experiences. These things will get carried forward to next part of its journey.
In order to avoid unnecessary hassles, we should always entertain the body with  good experiences. Project only good things to the body.
Maha Avatar Babaji June 11th 2014.

Q. Why do we need Personal Transformation, how is it relevant to the modern day?
A. Modernisation has brought about not just comforts but also discomforts to the body.
The present day conditions are full of  unnecessary stress, strain, and create a lack of peace of mind. Because of these reasons, the body is not attended to in a normal way.
Every thing is artificial.
Fruits are made to  ripe artificially, no one has  time to wait for the fruits to ripen. 
Family relationships are artificial, no one has gratitude or love for their family members. People fail to understand each other as they are always busy.
At the end of the day, the body gets attached to unwanted experiences.
Therefore, personal transformation is the only solution for a blissful life inspite of staying amidst this cacophony.

Those who have taken up the path of personal  transformation need to realize that they can't change the circumstances  around them, but they can make their small world more peaceful by following small tips handed down by the masters from time to time.
These tips are simple solutions that can bring about peace in their life, help their mind and body.
The first tip is a simple but organised life style.
The next is spending quality time with family members with out any expectations.



Q. Dear master, I am unable to let go of even small things and get disturbed easily. For eg, my name is Ramkumar and I am so attached to the name Ram, that I don't even tolerate if someone calls me kumar.      3Feb 2015

A. If you can't let go a of a simple name and adopt a new name, how are you going to let go of the tough ones? The first lesson is to let go. 
Whether your name is Ramkumar or ram or kumar or Khan or Rao or for that matter anything else, remember you are a light being to us. We respect you, the light being. Names are only for convenience. 
Some call the almighty Jesus, some Allah, some others call Him Sai. But they are all the same. The same light beings descended from the same source. 
Names are only for "names" sake. At the ultimate level, we are all the same. 
The above mentioned light beings know that they are light beings. But you have not realised that you too are one. 
This is because you indulge in unwanted things like a change in name.
"I know that I am a light being". Realise that you too are one. 
Letting go will become easier when you realise that you are a light being. 


When faced with a problem, test or when there is resistance, pointers

1. Be silent within and without. Don't panic. Listen to intuitive thought. Align the mind to HE. Follow the thought.
2. Any fear or negative thought, do not linger on screen for more than half a second. If left for longer,it will take hold. Come back immediately.
3. In any situation have a philosophical thought at the background. Remember that HE are driving you
4. Making mistakes is ok. How you correct and handle is most important. Do not make the same mistake twice.
5. When any past thought or conditioning come, do not resist. Examine it. Tell the energy, you are here, I have learnt from you, now leave, thank you.
6. In any situation awareness is the key. Practice awareness.
7. Just observe people around you. Do not advice. Just bring out the best in them
8. Look at thought as an object, don't care about it. 
9. When disturbed, go back to breath, slow breathing.
10. When there is any issue in relationship, see the other person as a soul on his/ her own journey.
11. Habits, look once, no more. 
12. Through should be no greed, even in eyes.
13. Do not complain. The you will not be able to understand the HE
14. If totally helpless and not able to do anything, chant OM Sairam Babaji. 
15. Do not linger in any situation too long. If you cannot resolve, immediately contact master



Tags: Purity, Transformation.
Question:  How can we define purity of an individual?
Answer:  The purity of an individual can be recognised when his or her thought, speech and actions are in synchrony.
Generally the qualities of a pure individual are as follows:
· These individuals always work for the welfare of the world.
· They are hard working, alert, generous.
· They live life moderately, and have good memory and concentration.
· Their qualities include leading a chaste life, eating moderately, using precise language and speaking truth always.
· Such individuals speak compliments and avoid vulgar or insulting language,
· He/she is never jealous, and is unaffected by greed and selfishness.
· Such an individual is confident and experiences abundance.
· It is not in the nature of such an individual to cheat or mislead others.
· He/she does not allow evil tendencies to enter his or her mind but supports an inner paradise that broadcasts out to the world;
· He/she will have keen interest in improving spiritual knowledge and will spend time worshipping divinity or meditating and, in an extreme state, may even perform penance or uninterrupted meditation.

Question:  How will one know that one had become pure?
Answer:  A "pure" person will never know that he is pure because he just does not bother but does his work and sticks to his principles. Only the people around him can recognise that he is pure.  The harmony in his thought, speech and his actions shall tell others that he is pure.  Remember, great people are too humble to recognise that they are great.  Like wise, a pure person is also a down to earth person, who seldom notices that he is pure.


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Q. What is the role of Personal Transformation in the current world scenario?
A. The current world is the fast moving world. We are continuously running after something or the other. Running after people, desires, money etc. In such situations, time is of the essence. We are not happy with what we have. We are always craving and wanting more. Our thoughts and energies are mostly of irritation, frustration, anger, greed, lust, jealousy, all kinds of fears, using others for our own benifits, cheating, expectation in every thing,  manuplating people, creating confusion, attention seeking, laziness, confusion, urge to speak, holding grudges and so on. In current world situation every human is suffering from the above and many more emotions. Our main aim is in PT is being in the present moment.  How to overcome all the above emotions and lead a happy, peaceful and blissful life. Everyone needs to work on their own missing links and work sincerely in the presence of HE . With their Guidence and protection it is possible. 

Q. What Is the root cause of all our problems?
A. The root cause of all our issues, pitfalls or disasters is our own self. We do not have clarity in any thing we do. Our understanding is limited and flawed. What is the root cause of our confusions and problems? The EGO. The thought that "I KNOW" is the root cause of all these. We don't realise this and are not aware of this. Some things in life are done knowingly. Sometimes we just follow what others do. Every person has his/her own set of configurations for their system, which is not known to us. There is always a scope, always a chance to alter and fine tune the program for better performanance. It is a discovery to be made by ones own self. Work towards yourself. The members of the group should understand all the above basics alter their configuration for their highest good. Guidance is always there. What you must do in the present moment, how to alter yourself, all the tools have been given. To implement is your responsibility.


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9:31am 05 Nov 2014

Student: Master, I am going through intense pressure at work. Please help me by sending positive vibes. This moment in my personal life is very important as I need to be always positive to take care of my wife and child.

Babaji: I know that you are neck-deep in your work. But don't you
breathe? You don't stop breathing while working, do you? Like wise, try chanting Babaji's name even as you breathe. Your fears and stress are not good for your growing family. Just keep calm. Everything will be alright.

When one door closes another will open. Look for the other door. That will give you strength.
Even at work, learn to be tough. Every problem will have a solution. It is only our ignorance that closes our eyes to the existence of the other doors. Open your eyes and your solution is right there.

Why fear? Your fear is your greatest enemy. No job is easy in this world. Every job has its own difficulties. Then why should you fear?
Ideally, Who should be frightened?
A person on death row who will be hanged to death in the next few minutes.
A person falling from the 10th floor of a building.
A person on death bed. They are the ones who should be frightened. Are you any of these people? No, not at all.
Then why fear?
Be brave and tackle the situation. If you need help Babaji is always present right next to you.
Even now he is here with you.

“Circumstances and environment influence our lives, but we are the ones who are responsible for ourselves"
" You have to control your acts, or the act will control you. Patience requires much practice.”

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