Book Reading Session 09 Mar 2015

    Reading session summary:

  • State of connection of the sadhak.. a sadhak should be connected to the Guru element flowing through the Guru’s body and not the body itself. The physical body of the Guru will have imperfections. Being a master is a role , a responsibility given to this physical body. You all have responsibilities and to fulfill your spiritual responsibilities., you have to start right now. The world is in chaos. The future is tougher . The more you are aligned to the universe , the more you are under Babaji’s umbrella . Be more cautious in your actions or deeds and if you don’t know anything , just follow the master.

    How to follow your master?

  • When you want to listen to FM you tune into your favorite frequency. Similarly, Breathwave is a frequency created by masters to connect to them.

    Shortcuts to connect

  • Follow the instructions, you need to sort out how to connect. Push and reach the state. Close your eyes and connect to breathwave, connect to the nearest you have understood.
  • Introspect which technique works for you. Souls who connect directly , life will be enjoyable as they will not be connected to the physical world. For eg. I am doing my work but I am resting.
  • Fine tune yourself.
  • FAITH FAITH and more FAITH. It comes by constant practice and devotion. Take 1 step and they will be beside you.
  • Dissolve your “I”. This “I” has been integrated in each and every cell of the body. It is not easy to eliminate the “I”. We should know how to dysfunction the “I”.
  • Masters know in and out of every soul, they will help.
  • There will be many pitfalls in this path like anger, greed, jealousy. You have to be alert all the time. You say you have eliminated anger, immediately there will be a test.
  • Higher energies are working 24*7 in the task called Breathwave.
  • When your inner world or your spiritual lake is still, they will throw a stone depending on your focus on your life, nature of work, repeated patterns and habits that you have acquired , ripples will be created.
  • All this disturbance is to help you clear but it is not easy.
  • First step is AWAKENING. Awakening is realizing one’s mistakes through introspection or questioning or through Guru or Higher Energies.
  • This is one instant . Once you realise or once you are aware of these mistakes they can be in N no. of layers. Then comes STABLISING through constant practice.
  • Then finally INTEGRATION. Integrate these changes in yourself. Take one thing at a time.
  • You have so many imperfections. It is a huge ocean. One lifetime is not enough.
  • Answers will come in many ways. Once you learn to oscillate in that frequency, solutions will be there.
  • Breath is Babaji and Wave is Baba. Every wave hits the land. Hits and takes away, shapes up the land. Similarly, Breathwave is hitting you and shaping you making you perfect spiritual or physical being.
  • Pain is only one stone blocking your knowledge. Pain is just a thought you need to experience.
  • Don’t worry , everything is happening according to time.Be in thoughtless state. Do your Kriyas.
  • If you don’t synchronize with the world , you are out of the drama. Our main focus is experience beyond words, beyond feelings.
  • For breathwave Babaji has simplified the way. It is just Personal and then Soul Transformation. Master is a data centre and the souls are routers. You should know the setting and the configuration.
  • This is not a normal opportunity. Each and every word I speak is stored as a packet in each and every cell of your body. When required this packet will unfold and you will start recalling all the teachings.
  • Once anytime I will be checking, you will be able to tap it if you have no thoughts or worries as they imbalance . Your centre of attention should be towards complete silence.
  • All this you can achieve through practice, serious and constant connection with Guru Element.
  • This world is an illusion/ fake. We get attached and forget it is not permanent. It is only material created out of material.
  • Only faith and connection are important.Once you get connected everything will be automatic.
  • Imperfections will be there but you will bypass by focusing on Guru Element. Be pure. That’s why you all have to work together. Get involved.
  • If you involve connection to the non physical will be easy. Think of me, I will be there. Higher Energies will be there.
  • Thousands of Light Beings will be there to help. All these higher energies have also walked the path. They have cleaned and cleared themselves and become higher energies.
  • Each one of you is a miracle. When you think of something with your heart and soul, it will happen. You only need to align. These hidden things will unlock when the time is right.